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More about calibration

Calibration of advanced machine tools

More and more advanced machine tools are installed at workshops around the world. 4 and 5 axes lathes and milling machines makes it possible to process more tempos in a one setup which avoids losing time and accuracy. This requires also a careful assembly and definitions of distances in mechanical chain that describes the kinematic model. Without accurate calibration, these machines cannot perform sufficient accuracy. For example, a light collision with the fixture can move the spindle bracket and accuracy at the TCP (tool center point) is lost.

There are also several examples where the machine builder has been unable to calibrate the machine well enough to handle the tolerance as intended, but the NC programs have been adjusted instead to cope with the accuracy problem.

Here Prodsoft have long experience in calibration and development of methods for best results. For reference, The Tricept PKM machine have automatic calibration routines developed to handle the 5-axis dual head type.

As the mission, individual machines are calibrated or specific methods can be developed in order to later be run by operators in case of crash or maintenance routine. Film example to the right shows a recalibration of a laser cutting machine that had a TCP error of 1.5 mm and after calibration C.A 0.1-0.2 mm.