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X-Laser Probe

A smart new Swedish invention that will lift the manufacturing industry one step. Future measurement probe for mounting on NC machine or robot. Imagine getting an area scanned around the second and 10,000 points evaluated by advanced software that reports the relevant data to the control system. Hole-position, edge distance, surface orientation, or an entire PCB surface. Defined as user variables, file information or CAD model.

Contactless laser scanning at a safe distance of 200 mm from the surface. The probe uses a specially designed 2D triangulation laser and rotated around its axis by a built-in servo motor. Calls a measurement cycle from most currently implemented control system, the Sinumerik, ABB and others which can communicate over Ethernet (TCP / IP).

New concepts in the processors come with this type of food product, "Match machining" is one where two machined surfaces to be assembled and must be processed for best fit. If one component can not perform sufficient tolerance, so the surface is scanned and evaluated in the x-laser PC and sent to the machine control system to correct the tool path when the corresponding detail processed. This provides a pass that has not been possible before. All in real time without taking out the details of fixturing.