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Roll Shop Computer System

Andritz Lynson, roll-grinding machine from Vallentuna outside Stockholm which is one of the best on the machinery market. Sold numbers of machines to steel makers in Asia in 2010. It was built as one of the most automated systems in the world where the rolls are loaded in and out of the machines with portals. Before grinding, the control retrieves data from a PC server in the control room, which in turn gets data from the computers of the steel company headquarters.

The software system developed by Lynson (consultant Prodsoft) consists of two software, a server application that handles communication with the main computer, storing the selection data in SQL data bases, reports and communication with the grinders.

The other is a HMI application that the operators use the machine's control system and ensures that the right data is in the machines for the grinding. Also this software is a local SQL server where the sanding result is saved. Communication with the NC system is managed by proprietary OPC functions.