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Robotcell for tool grinding machine

Complete development of software to control Fanuc armrobot that loads the long hole drills for sharpening in a Jungner tool grinder. The software consists of two modules, one HMI part with grinding technology included and a docking module that manages the robotic cell, where all the drills can be placed in shelves and Robot commands are created automatically. The cell handles security according to Machinery Directives, enabling unmanned operation.

All drill types are defined geometrically in an Excel spreadsheet, and exported to a CSV file. The loader module reads the file and allows the operator to select the number and shelf position of each drill type from a list. No reprogramming of the robot is required because the loader program is completely parameter-driven and adapts grip positions for tool geometry.

For the smallest tools it using a middle station where the robot changes the approach grip to be able to load even the smallest tools All communication between the NC machine and the robot is done through Fanuc's bus system, which means that large amounts of data can be quickly transferred.

If a tool is damaged or wrongly defined, the NC discovers the situation by probing and notifies the robot to retrieve the drill and unload it into a scrap box under the shelf system. Then, the cell continues to work on with the next tool in the list.